Top 5 Most Shocking Pregnancy

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Top 5 Most Shocking Pregnancy

Counting down the top 5 most shocking pregnancies from the unsettling to the downright bizarre.

13 Year Old Father -

Mother Forces Daughter To Get Pregnant -

Pregnant Boys -

Baby Born From Dead Mother -

Woman Pregnant For 46 Years -

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Top 5 Most Shocking Pregnancy — 44 Comments

  1. I totally disagree with abortion but I agree if you have health problems or
    got raped if you know your child going to be “damaged” like down syndrom
    and you have alot of mental or personal problems or are still in college or
    have no place for the baby to grow up :T

  2. You made a lot of great points and I have a lot to think about now. I’ve
    never heard a Pro-Life supporter explain their thoughts and feelings as
    well as you and I really appreciate that, and you’ve definitely changed my
    mind about a few things. You’re absolutely correct that new options are
    being developed, and the changing hearts idea. I’m sure at some point our
    society will reach a place where abortion isn’t needed. But at the moment I
    still stand by Pro-Choice.
    I realize that people on my side don’t really think about the science. And
    I, myself, when I was pregnant thought ‘well, it’s like any other cell in
    my body’. Trust me, it hurt me a lot, thinking about giving up that baby.
    That’s why, in the end, I did decide to keep it and put it up for adoption.
    It’s unfortunate that I miscarried right after I made this decision…
    I suppose, after reading your comments, I’m a bit on the fence still. I
    support Pro-Choice, but at the same time I personally would never get an
    abortion. I always have this sentiment that we shouldn’t judge another
    But that does call into account the child. Now I finally understand why
    many people are so passionate about insisting that the fetus is, in fact, a
    ‘person’. I really do have a lot to think about now.

    And luckily that situation I was in happened a few years ago. Since then my
    mother has died and my brother went into the military and I haven’t seen
    him in three years. I’m on my own now and an adult so I can look back and
    still have mixed feelings on the situation. I would never call the police
    on my brother, I know that. I just love him too much, even now. (And yes,
    my father absolutely would kill him, I have no doubt about that. When I
    hinted to my father that I was raped once, he already had his phone in his
    hand and was going to his closet for the rifle. I ended up having to tell
    him that I lied.) It’s situations like these that show our society just
    isn’t ready for many things yet. The ill minds and compulsions that people
    have make me worry every day for children that aren’t my own. And that’s
    another thing I thought about when I was pregnant, and believe me I’m
    ashamed to admit it, but with the suicidal state I was in I figured that my
    child would be better off dead or nonexistent in such a cruel world.

    But that experience still causes me stress as I wonder what would have
    happened if I hadn’t had that miscarriage. And I still feel guilt for not
    going to the doctor immediately. Maybe that miscarriage could have been

    Anyway, once again, I wish I had someone like you to explain these things
    to me before. But now I really feel like I understand. And who knows, maybe
    I’ll become Pro-Life after all. Thank you so much for everything!

  3. You’re incredible. Most people just write each other off and refuse to
    think about the opinions of others. But everyone believes in things for a
    reason. They say things like “I don’t even understand why anyone if
    ProLife” or “How can anyone be ProChoice” and sometimes their arguments
    make no sense.
    I admit, I’ve had opportunities to get my dad arrested but in the end I
    couldn’t do it. It wasn’t that I loved him, it was that everyone else did.
    He did a lot of great things, even if he wasn’t a great dad. Everyone has
    their reasons . Thank you for sharing yours.

  4. Yeah, it’s a hard choice when the person that hurts you is very important
    and loved. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to turn him in and I can
    empathize completely. It’s a shame that we had to go through the things we
    did and I’m sorry that you’ve suffered.
    But hey, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?

  5. I think it’s okay to abort a fetus, a baby does not think or feel until
    20-30 weeks, also sometimes condoms break, you have medical conditions
    preventing safe childbirth, raped, don’t have the money to care for the
    child, teen pregnancy, adoption request being rejected, and much more, if
    you think it’s okay to force a woman to raise a child she never asked for
    than go to hell you crusty raisin.

  6. The woman who got her daughter prego why couldn’t she have her own baby? If
    she was unable to, she could’ve just adopted or had a surrogate!

  7. +Maroo Cat The fetus neither thinks nor feels ,yes. I see where most people
    come from when they say this but still. I can’t wrap my head around the
    thought of a growing baby with no choice but the mothers say in whether it
    gets to live or not. the fetus may not think or feel but like you it has a
    heart that beats and that’s a start to life. when the heartbeat goes out
    there is no going back and the mother gets to have more sex and live a life
    without the cost of that unborn babies life. but the baby doesn’t get a
    chance. And if i stand for my opinion I will be happy to go to hell because
    ill be there happy I got a chance at life no matter how much it may suck at
    times and i’m having my good share of it believe me. I will think of the
    people who were birthed or not who didn’t have a say whether they get to
    live and ill be satisfied.

  8. Do you believe in abortions,what kind of a question is that?How do you not
    believe in abortions?

  9. +Maroo Cat 20 weeks is no longer acknowledged as being when a fetus begins
    to “think” hey recognize when the fetus begins to feel which is around 14
    weeks. If you poke a fetus at 14 weeks it reacts. Or at least that is
    what “science” is saying.

  10. Also she could of waited a little bit if the daughter was 17. Wait untill
    she is 18 or in her 20’s and get her to do it legally.

  11. While I personally disagree with abortion (unless you get raped or there
    are health risks), I don’t believe there should be any laws stopping you
    from doing it if you so wish (if the fetus is in the first trimester).

  12. +Rhiannon E Yeah…No.The child hasn’t been born and If you’re not born,you
    can’t die.

  13. +Benjamin Malanaphy Are you that stupid! The baby is alive in side the
    mother! And if the baby is alive it can die!

  14. +Jess P. Ohhhh ok yeah I guess that makes sense. Although I have heard of
    dead babies aborting themselves, apparently this wasn’t the case with her.

  15. +Jess P. I don’t care if the baby’s alive or not because everyone has
    different definitions on that but it should still be the mothers choice.

  16. +babecat2000 I still find it weird to have your daughter carry your baby
    and it’s cruel to force her. She should have a friend do it if she can’t
    afford to hire one.

  17. I don’t believe in an abortion because its like killing a baby but this is
    just my opinion

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    infertility and very soon you are able to welcome your new family member>>>*

  19. l don’t believe in abortion. Abortion is murder because at any time of the
    pregnancy the baby is already alive and killing a human being is considered
    murder and since abortion is murder they should be punished the same as

  20. “Don’t take away a baby’s life” but it’s not even a baby until around after
    20 weeks and it doesn’t feel any pain? Anti abortion people really need to
    educate themselves better

  21. +Ivette De Hoyos Truly? For me its simple. My body my choice. Though the
    lover can have a say too. (but fine that’s your opinion) However it’s
    merely a thing a week or so in the womb. Has no thought then. That should
    be a comforting thought mind you. (Pregnancy only can be ended in the
    earliest stage)

  22. It’s not up to me to decide whether a woman should abort or not… It’s up
    to her as an adult. But I think it’s fine. Especially if the lady was
    sexually abused, because then that would just be a reminder.