Tiny Ideas Pregnancy Milestone Photo Sharing Belly Stickers, 16 Stickers Included

Tiny Ideas Pregnancy Milestone Photo Sharing Belly Stickers, 16 Stickers Included: Baby

These maternity stomach sticker labels fro Tiny Ideas are an enjoyable, one-of-a-kind method to record those amazing moments of your expanding infant bump. Sticker labels feature fruit and also veggie photos, tracking from 8 weeks when your child is the dimension of a raspberry, right as much as the huge arrival when your baby is the size of a watermelon. Each collection comes with 16 sticker labels that can be peeled and put on your shirt. Additionally includes "it's a kid", "it's a lady", and "it's a shock" to include in the fun. Just place the sticker, break a picture, and share the photos of your expanding tummy with friends and family. These make an excellent memento and also adorable present for expecting mothers. Perfect for Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and also various other social media networks.

Tiny moments, forever memories. Tiny Ideas develops items to commemorate your tiny one's unique minutes. Commemorate their very first year, decorate their nursery, or value their baby pictures. Every moment shared with each other, Tiny Ideas is below to for life remember it.

Mother's Day at Farm Sanctuary

On Mother's Day, we reflect on the influential women in our lives that we all hold dear. Given all you do for Farm Sanctuary, we are sure you will be celebrating those who’ve inspired you and shaped you into the compassionate individuals you are as Farm Sanctuary supporters. Whether these mentors are biological or adoptive parents, other relatives, or treasured maternal figures, this day invites all of us to honor the women we cherish by sharing how their care has made a difference.

On Mother’s Day, we also honor farm animal mothers, who form deep, enriching relationships with their children. Sadly, animals raised for food and other commodities are prohibited from exhibiting these bonds, as profits can only be sustained by separating these families. Thanks to you, Farm Sanctuary residents are valued as the individuals they are, and are free to carry out the natural behaviors they had been deprived of for so long.

Because you are such an important part of our family, we wanted to share this visit with the special residents of Farm Sanctuary, guided by National Shelter Director Susie Coston, a maternal figure to the nearly 1,000 in our care. Thank you for putting compassion first and honoring the bonds that shape these precious lives. We could not do the important work we do without you!