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The Unassisted Baby: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

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Female's bodies are made to manage maternity and also childbirth without requiring medical assistance along the way. This publication, a variation of "The Homebirth Baby", is an important source for anyone preparing an alone giving birth. This book will help you: Learn about the risks of interventions Do your own prenatal care Compile the needed birth supplies Recognize the indications of labor Understand the process of labor and childbirth Perform a newborn analysis Take treatment of yourself postpartum Get a birth certificate for your baby Teach your companion exactly what to do during labor as well as birth and also even more! WARNING: This book is not meant to be a clinical source. While it was written to offer you details regarding having an unassisted giving birth, you'll still should do your personal research study. Take charge of your maternity and also giving birth!

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