The Best Tips for Keeping Your Toddler Busy and Happy – Podcast Ep 83

Adorable toddler girl painting rainbow on the window glass as sign of hope. Creative games for kids staying at home during lockdown.

With neverending to-do lists, parents sometimes just want their little ones to be entertained and content without always resorting to screentime. This is especially true when bringing home a new baby. You don’t want your older child to be left out, but it’s so helpful if there are some fun and easy activities that can keep them busy while you care for your newborn. This is actually what inspired our guest today!

Susie Allison, from Busy Toddler, is an early childhood education expert and advocate. She has a degree in Elementary Education, taught Kindergarten and First Grade, and was a math and reading curriculum specialist. Once Susie had children, she found her true passion for simple kids’ activities that didn’t involve screentime. And so, Busy Toddler was born! It has evolved into a million-follower Instagram account and a play-based internet haven. 

Today we had the pleasure of chatting with Susie about the best tips for keeping your toddler busy and happy. Susie knows firsthand that being a parent is tough, and being a kid can be even tougher. She is answering our questions about hands-on learning and tips on how we can all make it to nap time a little easier! 

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