Symptoms of pregnancy

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Ever wondered if you are expectant or not? Your body could be much better equipped to address that. Find out the best ways to tune into your body's signals and figure out if you have conceived.

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Symptoms of pregnancy

Ever wondered if you are pregnant or not? Your body may be better equipped to answer that. Learn how to tune into your body's signals and find out if you have conceived.

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Know how accurate home pregnancy tests are:

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Symptoms of pregnancy — 43 Comments

  1. terrifying… if you think you have the symptoms and that you might be pregnant

  2. That moment when your period is late so you think you’re pregnant even though you’re a virgin.

  3. I have a number of these symptoms… Fingers crossed tests prove positive for me.

  4. I’m 11 and I think I’m pregnant because I have ALL of the symptoms…. No joke

  5. Friendship 70 ohh tell your mom to take you to the hospital I am 11 but I don’t have a period

  6. *Discoverrr Hooooow To Naturallyyyy Conceiveee>>**** >*

  7. Тrуing tоо Get Рrеgnаааnt?I fаiled tо gееееt рррrеgnаnt fоr 3 уеаrs until I disсоvеrеd this… Sуmрtоms оf рrеgnаnсуууу

  8. Princess K I am 11 so is it possible to get pregnant because….there are like one video about a girl that’s 11 that is pregnant so please help! Is it possible for a 11 year old girl to be pregnant? thanks I’ll sub to u if anyone answers

  9. Ella Sue If you already have your period, its possible to get pregnant if you go beyond the limit (you know what i mean)

  10. hello childsupport 😜😂 i mean hello stairs 🤔😂

    im so scared to know if my gf its pregnant 😖 i hope not…

  11. ok listen so i had sex with a girl 2 days ago and that day 2 hours later i got her plan b…. am i fine of not getting her pregnant

  12. Often wondered why I’ve been eating more toast than usual. I’ve been taking the Contraception pill for three years and recently had a breakthrough spot bleed for the first time since taking it. I’m panicking as I’m 20 years old and my partner is Almost 19. I take my pills on time every day until my pill break (7 days pill free). I’m freaking out so much, I’m experiencing the tiredness and my stomach feels nauseous from time to time. I weigh 12st and eat a varied healthy Diet. I’m lost :'(

  13. +Ricardo Lopez its normal for a teenager To miss periods i am 12 yrs old and i missed periods too it because of your hormones And your diet dont worry i havent tried sex and i missed a period its nothing to worry about😊( and btw if your asking why am i here its because i was searching for braces And i saw A video about pregnant at age 13 and i got curious about how do pregnant people act and how do they feel because i have a preg teacher at school and my friends and i asked her how she feels and she said her baby would kick her and we freaked out because what if the baby would rip the skin LOL😂😂)

  14. can you get pregnant from doing a role play on social media. because after I did I felt tingly and I felt like I was going to throw up I feel like I’m gonna throw up right now and i did the role play yesterday. plz respond I’m really scared!

  15. oh my God I read all this comments n I wonder what is happening to our kid having sex in that age

  16. I’m 14, I don’t want to have sex but I want 1 kid, but I don’t wanna deal with a new born. K that’s not physically possible😂

  17. M one year married but yesterday I had full sexs nd today m.feeling all this is it possible how many days u knw that u r pregnet I not remember my also help

  18. Exhausted (I’m lazy does that mean I’m pregnant all these years) xD