Seatbelt Pad: Lap Seat Belt For Pregnant Women, Long-Hour Drivers, Abdominal Surgery Patients & Pacemaker Users

Lap Seat belt Pad.Get rid of the annoyance of your seat belt not fitting properly or being uncomfortable by using the Lap Seatbelt Pad. Made from durable and supportive memory foam its design provides comfort while driving or riding in any vehicle.The material of this seat belt accessory is not only durable and supportive but it is lightweight, only 3 ounces and it is compact in design measuring only 12" L x 3" W x 2" H.The Lap Seatbelt Pad is ideal for people with tender areas resulting from recent surgical procedures such as mastectomies, pacemaker implants, or defibrillator implants. It is also great for people with skin irritation and is exceptionally beneficial for pregnant women.Wearing a seatbelt is now made comfortable with the Lap Seatbelt Pad. It is a luxurious and fabulous automotive accessory and travel pillow.