Pushed: The Painful Truth About Childbirth and Modern Maternity Care

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A groundbreaking narrative investigation of childbirth in the age of machines, negligence, and also managed care, Pushed presents the full image of maternal care in America. From inside the operating area of a hospital with a 44% Cesarean price to the living room flooring of a lady that delivers with a prohibited midwife, Block exposes a system in which few ladies have an optimal experience. Pressed surveys the public health and wellness impact of regular labor inductions, C-sections, as well as epidurals, however likewise analyzes giving birth as a women's civil liberties problem: Do females even can pick a typical birth? Is that right being upheld? A wake-up telephone call for our times, Block's gripping research exposes that while emergency situation obstetric treatment is necessary, we are excessive using clinical modern technology at the cost of maternal as well as infant health and wellness.