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Pregnant: He’s Married To My Best Friend

Kiara Jones thought that love would be the answer to all of her problems. She’s never been in a successful relationship. If beauty and brains was all she needed, then why was she lonely. Here she was, a 27-year-old successful black woman with her own career, a house, and car but no one to share it with. Men were constantly leaving in and out of her life with excuse after excuse. Several years’ prior, Kiara’s cousin Whitney came to town and forced Kiara and her BFF Princess to a part of town that is rumored to be run by a big drug lord who goes by the name of Gino. Whitney introduces Princess and Kiara to her boyfriend Ryan and his homeboy Gino.
Gino is a bad boy but Kiara is captivated by him. They began spending a lot of time together and for years they snuck around seeing each other whenever they could. The only issue is that he’s married—and to whom you might ask? Gino is married to Kiara’s BFF Princess and has been for the past 3 years. This was not something that happened intentionally she simply thought that she had found love. Like a fool she quit her job and let Gino support her financially.
Gino made promises that he’d leave Princess (27 years old) and that he wanted to move far away and start a family with Kiara. She thought she’d found her prince charming and was expecting a baby in 7 months. A doctor’s appointment in fact confirmed that she is currently 2 months pregnant. After telling Gino the news she thought he’d be happy but he gave her the money to absort the child and broke things off with her. Gino is very powerful and everyone does exactly what he says. He froze her bank accounts, took back the car he bought her and also stopped paying her rent. Now Kiara must decide what decision is right for her.
Months later after discovering that Kiara had not gone through with the abortion Gino decided to change his life around and do what was best which is be in his child’s life. But the last thing on her mind was getting back with him. She had a new love life with Dominic, a guy she moved in with after seeing “roommate needed” posters plastered all around town. She had no choice but to move once Gino got her evicted.
Kiara and Dominic hated each other guts but began to bond when Dominic saves her life by shielding her from a bullet at a house party. He was there for her throughout her entire pregnancy and in the delivery room. Neither of them expected Gino to show up in the delivery room. After finding out about her husband’s infidelities with her very own best friend, Princess made it her mission to get Kiara out of the picture any way she possibly could even if that meant committing murder. Getting blood on her hands didn’t sound like such a bad idea in her opinion. Kiara would pay!

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