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If you see this comment "Anabella WHO!?".

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PRANKING MY AFRICAN DAD | @EmanKellam — 28 Comments

  1. SimiAllsmiles u say it is funny because of the african accent.U blackamericans love making fun of africans.

  2. I’m a Black American, and no I don’t. It’s not about making fun, it’s just enjoyment of something different. We’d probably enjoy it just as much if it was an Irish person or anyone else with an accent different than ours.

  3. “Dad”?  “I’m coming”…You knew his dad was about to bring the beat down.

  4. Don’t stay when African dads tells you they’re coming when you had done something wrong.

  5. 3:03 “Dad, Where you going?”
    “I’m coming!”
    “I’m coming!”

  6. I come back and watch this video for the sound bites!! Pops is hilarious!! 😂😂😂