Maternity Belt,Pelvic Support Belt for Pregnancy,Belly Band,Abdominal binder,Lower Back Support,Hip & Waist (XL/48 IN, Beige)


Pregnancy is the best Thing and also the Hardest Thing.To all terrific expecting females need a pregnancy belt.
The pregnancy assistance belt provides the comfort as well as assistance you have to keep you healthy and balanced, comfortable as well as active throughout your pregnancy. The belt is available in a range of dimensions as well as never ever makes use of tummy straps that can add unneeded strain to your growing bump. Support belts include compression to help stabilize the hips, where tendons are loose due to pelvic development and also leisure. This included compression offers excellent abdominal and also reduced back support, reduces pressure and also pain residing in the lower back along with creates warmth to encourage versatile muscle mass and also restorative recovery.

We get two dimension: Large & Plus Large:

Large/44 IN Accommodates as much as 47 inch waist

Plus Large/48 IN Size Accommodates as much as 53 inch waistline

Please note that maternity belly belts are not implied to solve hidden medical issues as well as you should consult your physician regarding any type of such conditions.