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Our wonderful baby lady will certainly be right here in mid-June 2016 as well as with less compared to 7 weeks left, the kitties are beginning to pick up the coming change.

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" Love as well as Cherish"
Composer: Brian Thomas Curtin
Cd: Sensitive Touching 31 Pianos, Guitars
Library: AHCD
Posting: Songs Et alia (BMI).
Opus1 Hint Code: ahcd1769_05.
Disc Number 1769.


Our sweet baby girl will be here in mid-June 2016 and with less than 7 weeks left, the kitties are beginning to sense the coming change.

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"Love and Cherish"
Composer: Brian Thomas Curtin
Album: Sensitive Poignant 31 Pianos, Guitars
Library: AHCD
Publishing: Music Et Al (BMI)
Opus1 Cue Code: ahcd1769_05
Disc Number 1769



  1. Cats love babies. I don’t know why some people are afraid to introduce their babies to their cats/dogs/etc.

  2. Most people: “OMG you guys are having a baby?! Congrats!!”
    Me: “hehe, you guys had sex”

  3. +Aubbie Melancholy i bet u he cant even spell ‘respect and decency’ let alone ‘toxoplasmosis’…. πŸ™‚

  4. +Aubbie Melancholy no one insulted u, drama queen. dont let the door hit ur behind. πŸ™‚

  5. SnorkFlirt Omg you’re such an idiot that you make me hurt
    You are more likely to contract toxo for poorly washed vegetables, which you contract because of a cat.
    If your cat does not have the virus, it is almost impossible for you to contact it because of the cat, unless you collect the cat’s feces with your hands and then suck your fingers.

  6. +sofi garcia
    u talking about toxoplasmosis is like an amish person explaining how a CT scan works… lolz

  7. Sense her swollen breasts is more like it.Cats get real friendly when you smell like milk,hold a glass and see.

  8. TheZKarenz Not a fairy tale. Situations like that actually happen. And along with the thing about people not wanting dogs around new borns, is because when a dog hears the cry of a puppy, which shockingly enough sounds extremely similar to a baby, the dog will put it’s jaws around its face or neck until it calms down. That’s the reason why some feel it’s extremely dangerous to allow dogs around new borns alone. Now obviously, this doesn’t always happen, but it could, and it can. More often than you think.

  9. However, I entirely trust my pitbulls around the foster babies we take into our home. If something does happen, shame on me. But I sure as hell wouldn’t put a single blame on them.

  10. Alexandra Mikka You don’t understand why some mothers don’t want to bring their newborn near a dog or cat? Maybe it’s because they fear the dog or cat might attack the baby, which is a perfectly good reason not to let them near your baby. Not all animals are gonna react the same. Some might just pounce on the baby.

  11. BDL30 thats literally all i think of when i hear someone has a baby.

  12. I have the same issue. When someone tells me they’re expecting instead of saying congrats, I would say “ew! Don’t tell me about your sex life!”

  13. 0:47 The Cat is like” oh it will gey over soon baby , ive have gone through this .The pain is worth it in the end ” πŸ™‚

  14. If u subscribe to my channel I will make a video a dare video

  15. My Aunt was pregnant and her dog and cats wouldn’t let her leave the house XD

  16. Your cats are so cute😍😍…just the dog is like “wtf is going on here :D”

  17. it’s like the cat saying, “You are going to be a great mommy hooman. i give you my blessings”