Today we answer the question so many have been wondering… IS LUNA PREGNANT?

Breeding cows on a homestead is not exactly easy… especially if you decide, like we have, that you don't want to keep a bull on your farm. Without a bull to tell when a cow is at the peak of her cycle, it can be hard to tell when to perform the AI (artificial insemination). If the AI is done at the wrong time… NO PREGNANCY.

A little while ago we announced that after 3 attempts Ladybug our cow was pregnant! 

We were thrilled! We had attempted to breed her with the help of Hormone Syncing, and it had worked.

Unfortunately, we also learned that Luna, our heifer, was still open (what they call it when a cow is not pregnant). 

So we began the same syncing process we used with Ladybug on Luna. This process involves 3 shots over the span of a month. 
I do NOT enjoy giving shots to animals (most people probably don't, right?) so this was not my favorite task. 

Some shots went ok, others I had issues with, as is always the case when doing something new.

When the hormone syncing was complete we had our AI tech to the farm, and after a few minutes he was finished and we had to wait. 

The LONG SLOW 27 day wait to test, and then a few more days to send in and receive the results. 

The good news is you don't have to wait that long to learn the answer… you can just watch todays video!