Home Pregnancy Test Video

This video demonstrates how to carry out a pregnancy test at your house with the aid of HCG Package, this set is offered in India at a rate of Rs 50, you can get it from any kind of clinical shop. Currently Remember you should take early morning sample (First Pee In Morning). Open up the Package, You will see a dropper, take urine in dropper, put 3 decreases of urine in a round well, do not place anything on rectangle-shaped block where you see "C T" is composed. C means control and T suggests Examination. You could review this test with in 5 minutes. If you see two pink lines one at C as well as an additional at T that implies you are pregnant, i.e result declares. If you see just one pink line at C that indicates test is negative. If you do not see any line, it indicates test is invalid. Either set has ended, or proper pee sample is not taken.