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Get the scoop from TheBump.com on why it's safe to have sex during pregnancy and find out those few cases in which you should abstain.

If a woman has placenta previa, vaginal bleeding, has had a preterm labor or if her water is already broken, then she absolutely should not have sex. But in the absence of these situations, it's very safe to have sex during pregnancy.

Many women might actually notice they get more aroused during pregnancy because of the increased blood supply to the pelvis and clitoris. Having an orgasm is also safe. However, they can sometimes lead to your uterus cramping. While this may be uncomfortable, it's usually not harmful as long as the cramps go away after a couple minutes. Another problem that can occur after having sex during pregnancy is cervical bleeding. This can happen because the cervix tends to become very vascular and any irritation against it could cause it to bleed. This is generally not dangerous but should still be discussed with your doctor if it occurs.

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