E. Park Pregnant & Postnatal Band, Support Maternity Belt / Relieve Pregnancy Pain & Support Postnatal Recovery, Moves Easily with Excellent Breathable Material – One Size fits Most. (L)

What makes E. Park Maternity Belt different?
*The E. Park Pregnant & Postnatal Band is designed to assist you from your first trimester through postpartum recovery period!
Dear all soon-to-be mummies,
How exciting to bringing a new life into our family, we do feel glad to hear the good news for you. Meanwhile, pregnancy can cause general pain and discomfort along with the joy and anticipation of having a little new member into the fold. As your fetus bump grows, the tendons and ligaments around your pelvis become soften and widen to prepare your body to deliver your baby. But it can also reduce the support that your pelvis offers for your back and hips but increase pressure. It is painful especially when you have to on your feet a lot during this period, especial for working ladies. In addition, swollen legs and ankles, lower back pain, hip and pelvic pain will come at the same time. E.Park Maternity Belt can release you from the suffering of discomfort and pain without taking supplements or pain-killer.
The E.Park Maternity Belt can increase hip stability and ease your discomfort effectively.
We offer two colors to meet all ladies' various activities. Our cotton and elastic belly belt is air-flow, lightweight, adjustable, and comfortable. We designed this easy-to-use belt to provide the features you need.
*No bulky under clothing
*Provides support for lower back
*Accommodates up to 42 inch waist
*Relieves pain and pressure on hips and pelvis
*Wide stick straps for easy adjustment as your belly grows
Please note that maternity belly belts are not meant to resolve underlying medical issues and you should consult your doctor about any such conditions.
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