Dream C Shaped Body Pillow – for Pregnant Women – Side Sleeping – Nursing – with Double Zipper – Removable Comfortable Jersey Cover – Grey

Dream boppy pregnancy pillow provides entirely care for the expecting mother and the baby,effectively offering the improvement of your blood circulation all night long. Help continue to supply mother and fetus blood flow regularly while alleviating the swelling and the legs/feet numbness, release your body pressure, gives support to prevent rolling on back, improve your sleep, 360°support to prevent from hypertension, lumbar acerbity, backache and malposition.

Our high-quality C shaped pillow is great for getting a full night's sleep while pregnant or nursing newborns. It is also great for easing the discomfort of other ailments such as:

1) Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)
2) Fibromyalgia
3) Arthritis
4) Upper Body Pain (Upper Back, Shoulders and Neck pain)
5) Lower Body Pain (Hips, Baby Bump, Knees and Legs)

-Designed to caress the natural curves of the body;
-Inner curve keeps mom's back and belly supported;
-Improved lumbar support;
-Support allows tummy to rest right on the pillow;
-Keeps mommy's back cushioned and keeps baby supported while nursing;
-Upper and lower body can be elevated by the reverse and overlap;
-Will help elevate baby during nursing which comforts mommy;
-Care instructions: Cover zips off and is machine washable;
-Materials: 100% Jersey (Cover); 60 g Non-woven Fabric(Lining);luxury Fabric Cotton(hollow fiber filling)

Perfect pregnancy pillow customized for any bed:

1. 58 x 24.4 x 7 inch (LxWXH)

2. Weight : 6.6 bl

Dream C Shaped Body Pillow – an ideal weapon killing all the pains during your pregnancy.Please don't hesitate to add it to your card to send her / him the warmest care!