Common Sense Pregnancy: Navigating a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth for Mother and Baby

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End up being a mom without the dramatization

When you're expectant, your good friends, the Internet, and even your medical professional typically give suggestions that leaves you distressed and overloaded. You deserve a calmness, simple, practical maternity. It's time to call down the tension and dial up the sound judgment. Sound judgment Pregnancy is a breath of fresh air: obtainable, authoritative, funny, encouraging, as well as personable, while still chock-full of comprehensive, medically-sound suggestions. Female's wellness specialist, labor nurse, mother of 4, and also Fit writer Jeanne Faulkner has gone to the bedside for countless deliveries and gives the sincere expert suggestions you require during pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond, including straight talk on:

· Which prenatal examinations you in fact need, and which you don't.
· Who's on your labor group– as well as the best ways to maintain your labor room drama complimentary.
· What regarding sex?
· How to handle feeling poor.
· What functions as well as exactly what doesn't for beginning labor normally.
· How to prevent unnecessary as well as risky clinical treatments.

Whether you desire your maternity as well as birth to be 100% natural, all clinical, or something between, Common Sense Pregnancy gets rid of the fear and also puts you accountable of your body and also prenatal experience, and helps you make the right selections for you as well as your baby.