36 Weeks Pregnant – 36 Weeks Pregnant Baby Movement – Pregnancy Week by Week

36 Weeks Pregnant – What to expect. At 36 weeks pregnant, your baby’s already got a personality, even though she’s yet to be born, and things are feeling more real than ever. Here’s everything else you need to know about your 36th week of pregnancy.

36 Weeks Pregnant symptoms.

Not feeling hungry.
It certainly makes a change from those cravings earlier in your pregnancy, but now that your baby takes up so much room, it might be hard to eat a normal-sized meal. It’s often better to eat smaller meals more frequently rather than trying to handle large portions a couple of times a day.

Pelvic pain.
Thanks to increased joint flexibility, a heavier uterus and the pressure from your baby’s head, you might now be experiencing unpleasant pelvic pain. Treat yourself to a massage to relieve the symptoms, or try to take a warm bath or to do some pelvic exercises if you can’t quite treat yourself to a spa day every time the pain kicks in!

Yippee! Finally, a pregnancy symptom we’ve been looking forward to. As your baby drops into your pelvic cavity, the pressure on your diaphragm is released, and lightening happens. This means your stomach won’t feel quite so squashed anymore, and that you’ll be able to take bigger breaths and maybe even be able to eat more comfortably than before.

Another lovely pregnancy symptom should be prevalent this week: the nesting instinct, where you’ll feel the urge to get organised for the baby. Enjoy these moments before life becomes hectic with a newborn, and make sure you’re preparing safely, avoiding anything risky like ladders, heavy lifting or overdoing it too close to labour.

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