12 Amazing Things That Happen During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an incredible journey, filled with both physical and emotional changes. As your body prepares to welcome a new life, it undergoes a series of fascinating transformations. Here are 12 amazing things that happen during pregnancy:

1. **Your Heart Grows:** To accommodate the increased blood flow needed to support the baby, your heart pumps more blood and oxygen. This can cause your heart rate to increase slightly.

2. **Your Uterus Expands:** As the baby grows, your uterus, which is normally the size of a small fist, stretches and expands to accommodate the growing fetus.

3. **Your Blood Volume Increases:** To meet the demands of the pregnancy, your blood volume increases by up to 50%. This is why pregnant women often experience swelling in their feet and ankles.

4. **Your Metabolism Increases:** Your body needs more energy to support the pregnancy, so your metabolism increases by about 20%.

5. **Your Body Temperature Rises:** Your body temperature increases by about 0.5-1 degree Fahrenheit during pregnancy.

6. **Your Breasts Change:** Your breasts begin to prepare for breastfeeding during pregnancy. They may become larger, heavier, and more tender.

7. **Your Skin Changes:** Pregnancy hormones can cause your skin to become more sensitive, acne-prone, or darker.

8. **Your Hair Thickens:** The increased hormone levels during pregnancy can promote hair growth. This can make your hair appear thicker and fuller.

9. **Your Nails Grow Faster:** Pregnancy hormones can also cause your nails to grow faster and become stronger.

10. **Your Bones Soften:** The hormone relaxin loosens the ligaments in your joints to make room for the baby. This can make your bones softer and more flexible.

11. **Your Immune System Changes:** Your immune system becomes weaker during pregnancy to prevent your body from rejecting the baby. This makes you more susceptible to infections.

12. **Your Emotions Change:** The hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect your emotions, making you more sensitive, emotional, or anxious.

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