10 Big Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid During Pregnancy, Pregnant Women Must Know | Pregnancy Tips

10 Big Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid During Pregnancy, Pregnant Women Must Know | Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy is one of the gorgeous phases of a woman's life following their marriage. The feeling of the baby growing inside the womb is exceptional and quite special.

Pregnancy is the very best time when you need to take utmost care of yourself both physically and emotionally. So, most women who undergo these 9 weeks for the first time are not aware of the appropriate Do's and Don’ts during pregnancy.

Here are 10 common things that pregnant women should and should not do during pregnancy:

1. Long Gaps Between Meals:
Pregnancy women shouldn't skip their meal as it leads to weakness and prompt acidity issues. You must consume at least 3-5 times a day. Having nutritious foods like egg things and crude oil in short periods, but the difference between foods should be extended.

2. Snacking Senselessly:

Eating pizza's, burgers and external food should be held on the hold during pregnancy. Eating junk food can prompt weight to pick up and water maintenance in elderly women.

3. Intake of Caffeine:

Women people who like to have Caffeine have to take good care. Caffeine leads to a chance of miscarriage or low birth weight in the baby.

4. Improper Hydration:

Pregnancy girls should not go under improper hydration because it can create serious difficulties.

5. Insufficient Intake of Water:
During pregnancy, inadequate intake of water might prompt complications. Doctors even suggest that a pregnant lady should raise total water consumption by another 300 ml/day amid pregnancy and 700 ml/day during menopause.

6. Deficiency of Sleep:

Women during pregnancy need to take enough of sleep at least 10-11 hours. Deficiency of sleep may cause trouble in the development of the embryo.

7. Physically Inactive:

Walking around your work area might lead to blood clusters, varicose veins and inflammation in legs. Keep away from lively activities such as heavy weight lifting and perform basic tasks like yoga which may be quite valuable, provided you can take up.

8. Exposure To Passive Smoking:
Smoking and passive smoking is quite harmful to pregnancy girls. Latent smoking can result in unsuccessful labour, premature birth, low birth weight and unexpected new-born child departure.

9. Consuming Liquor:

Drinking just a little amount of liquor may cause foetal liquor disorder. Alcohol may also result in birth abnormalities and hindrance in cerebral development.

10. Self-Medication:

Pregnancy women should not pop any pill or tablet computer without consulting with a gynaecologist. It might have a terrible impact on the foetus.


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10 Big Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid During Pregnancy, Pregnant Women Must Know | Pregnancy Tips